About Sage PR

  • Who We Are

    Sage symbolizes wisdom. Wisdom is fruit of experience, observation and deliberation.

    Sage heals and purifies human beings, it is a sacred herb in the eye of the Reiki Master.

    Sage PR, full name as Sage PR & Communications Ltd., is established in 2009.Sage PR is committed to provide innovative, professional and all-round public relations services to clients. From 2012, Sage partners with the top-notch branding and marketing experts Cre8PLUS together to provide clients much more comprehensive solutions and creative ides.

    Over the past few years, Sage PR has been working closely with different brands from all walks of life. By virtue of the great experience, sharp market insight and the thorough understanding of media, PR services and solutions can always be well tailor-made for our clients. With the all-round PR service from Sage, good relationship between brand and the media can well be built, so does the brand image and brand competitiveness.

    In Sage PR, we believe that we are the “bridge” between clients and media. Knowing how to listen, communicate and execute with the clients and to the work is all crucial to achieve goals and create win-win effect.

  • Why Sage PR?

    Innovative Ideas

    On top of professionalism and acumen, forward-looking strategies and creativity are also crucial to stand out from the crowd. Sage PR team is committed to provide innovative professional advices to our clients and put creative ideas into practice.

    Media Experts

    Prior to joining Sage PR, our members have worked in a number of large media companies for many years. They are familiar with media operations and have strong partnerships with media industry. Beneficial from our practical media experience in the past, we have extraordinary insight and excellent instinct for news to provide strategic communication solutions to maintain media relations.

    We expand rapidly in just a few years’ time by holding various public relations activities for many well-known brands and are delighted to receive support from clients and media.

    Powerful Teammate

    Our partner, Cre8PLUS, is a brilliant integrated branding and marketing company. Cre8PLUS has won various awards in various designs and works, which also recognizes its strength and market success.

    Together with Cre8PLUS, we are committed to provide a full range strategies and creative planning for our clients, which will surly become brand’s strongest backing.

  • What We Believe

    S is for Small. “Small is beautiful.” — British Economist E.F. Schumacher

    A gorgeous scene forms by joining countless tiny pieces.
    In Sage PR, we believe that details can determine success or failure.
    We emphasize the importance of team spirit and improvise grand ideas by consulting different bodies.
    We pay attention to every detail of execution for reaching the acme of perfection.
    We believe practice makes perfect and all details count.